Endeavor PH1 Binocular Harness with Pouch

Endeavor PH1 Binocular Harness with Pouch


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ENDEAVOR PH1 is a unique Pouch & Harness system for our Endeavor ED Series and a wide range of similarly sized binocular models. It is designed to offer the ultimate in-the-field viewing, carrying and protecting solutions.

  • Stealth factor - Silent, water repellent, soft and durable materials
  • Comfortable torso carrying - Ergonomically shaped and well-padded harness
  • Quick Action - Binoculars on hand in split second without compromising protection
  • Always Protected - Quick “roll-up, roll-over” sleeve to protect against knocks, scratches, dust & rain
  • Robust - Water repellent and durable fabric
  • Well organized - 1 Zippered pocket and 1 slip-in pocket for essentials
  • Easy switch - transition from Vanguard Neck Strap to PH1 with 2 simple buckles

The ENDEAVOR PH1 Binocular Harness with Pouch is the quintessential binocular carrying solution for passionate birders who use their binoculars over extended periods.

Designed to offer ultimate ergonomic carrying and quick action viewing. This original system will allow you to discreetly make your way from location to location while never missing a sighting.

Over extended use, even the most comfortable traditional binocular neck straps cause pressure and discomfort on your neck.  To get around this the Endeavor PH1 features a lightweight, neoprene harness system with a pouch that spreads the weight of the binocular across your back with a strap around the chest , spreading the weight and allowing you to use your binoculars for extended periods without discomfort.

The Endeavor PH1 system is comprised of two components the P (Pouch) and the H (Harness):

  1. The protective Pouch is simple and intuitive. It perfectly encases the binoculars within and unfurls half way when in action, to maintain a stable dock. The unique “roll-up, roll-over” protective sleeve makes sure that your binoculars are always protected against knocks, scratches, dust & rain. This sleeve easily rolls out of the way for quick access and instant viewing on-the-go.
  2. The ergonomic Harness can be used individually, or combined with the protective Pouch. Using the Harness (with or without the Pouch) will secures your binoculars on your torso, preventing it from bouncing about as you walk, and ideally distributing the weight, thus making it always comfortable to carry your binoculars, especially when out on a long haul.

In the Endeavor PH1 you will also discover Vanguard’s meticulous attention to detail. Easy to switch buckles match Vanguard’s Endeavor Binoculars Neck Strap allowing easy transition between carrying modes. Small zippered pocket and slip-in pocket are securely nestled under the front sleeve to offer extra storage for lens caps, leans wipe and other essentials.  Add to these robust materials and second-to-none quality and we guarantee to make your birdwatching experience a seamless flow, allowing you to always be focused on twitching? and not fidgeting. 

If you just want the harness without the pouch, you can consider the Endeavor H1 Binocular Harness


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