Try Luminar 4 free for 60-days with Vanguard

Try Luminar 4 free for 60-days with Vanguard

July 28, 2020 , Vanguard World

Vanguard has teamed up with Skylum to offer you a FREE 60-day trial of Luminar 4 (RRP £69).  This gives you a chance to try out the software properly without rushing, before you decide to buy. 

  • No subscription 
  • No credit card
  • No obligation

Click here to register for your 60-day trial

or read on to see some of our Vanguard Ambassador's impressions, and examples of how they used Luminar 4.

David Maimo:

David is not just a Vanguard Ambassador, but also a Skylum Ambassador and brought the Luminar software to the attention of our Spanish team, which led to this cross-Europe collaboration. 

"Since I discovered Luminar, it has become part of my workflow. Combined with Photoshop, it allows me, in a single program, to give my photographs a special touch that makes them unique" 

Image by David Maimo

Image edited by David Maimo using Luminar 4

"Luminar gives me the flexibility I need to process my images, and the multiple options to make the whole workflow much easier, allowing me to reflect the feelings I had when the photo was taken"

David Likes:

  • Luminar's very clear and intuitive interface;
  • The noise reduction tool;
  • The sky replacement option works great.

To see more about David click here

Bryan Walker:

"My main software is Lightroom with the Nik Efex add on. I’ve found Luminar 4 to be an excellent addition to that software and look forward to using it more with my editing"

Bryan Walker Before Luminar 4 Image

Bryan Walker After Luminar 4 Image

"I found the software really easy to use.  My favourite feature is the AI sky replacement. Used in my 'before' and 'after' images where you can swap a blue cloudy sky, to a dark moody image."

Bryan Likes:

  • The sky and structure enhance tool are excellent for bringing out detail and giving the image that little bit extra;
  • The Sunray tool is also great to enhance the image as shown in my attached images;
  • The before and after button is excellent for quickly comparing the original and edited image your working on.

To find out more about Bryan click here

Ivor Miller:

"Two months ago I was given the opportunity to trial Luminar 4. I found the layout similar to Lightroom that I normally use, with a similar colour selection where you can adjust the saturation and luminescence of the colours"

Ivor Miller Before Luminar 4 Image

Ivor Miller After Luminar 4 Image

"The software has powerful tools and the sliders are very easy to use. Luminar 4 definitely has the ability to speed up the editing process and I find this software great fun too"

Ivor Likes: 

  • the AI sky enhancer tool to add impact to the sky as shown in my 'before' and 'after' images;
  • the AI structure tool;
  • the detail enhancer;
  • the vignette tool is fantastic;
  • the golden hour tool in the landscape enhancer where you can add nice golden light to your image;
  • in the creative section you can have lots of fun with the AI sky replacement tool and the software does a great job at this. You can also add sun rays in this section;
  • the software also has split toning and dodge and burn tools;
  • the Orton effect tool gives great results
  • there is loads more sliders to play with than I have mentioned.

To find out more about Ivor click here

 Dave Brightwell:

"A tool I really love within Luminar 4 and one I use quite a lot is the Black and White conversion tool. For me this is the best B&W tool I have used and really gets me the results that I require"

Image by Dave Brightwell using the Luminar 4 B&W tool

"My overall impression is that this software could actually be a replacement for Lightroom. If you are new to photography and looking for something to process your photos, but don’t want to take out a monthly subscription then take a look at Luminar 4"

Dave Likes:

  • It does just about everything that Lightroom does for a single one off price;
  • The inclusion of Artificial Intelligence tools mean you don’t have to be great at processing your shots;
  • There is a dedicated Pro Tab that has advanced editing tools so you can  get the best out of your Raw files.

You can see how Dave enhanced his images with Luminar 4 here:

To find out more about Dave click here

Scott Read:

"The sky replacement tool is a dream to use and has some well thought out sub-tools that add up to making this an incredibly versatile tool"

Before image by Scott Read

Image after editing on Luminar 4 by Scott Read

“I was left feeling incredibly positive about Luminar 4 and will certainly be making this an active part of my workflow. It has demonstrated to me that there are enough differentiating elements to use it, at very least, alongside my current software, probably even replacing some components”

Scott Likes:

  • Luminar 4 can be used both as a standalone piece of software or as a plug-in for Photoshop or Lightroom Classic, giving a very high level of versatility whilst also integrating with software you may already be using, adding features to the familiar and not feeling like such a leap in learning curve;
  • The ‘Sky Replacement’ tool is immensely powerful with some impressive deep level settings, but it is not a one size fits all. Be aware of the light sources from the replaced sky’s as it can cause some anomalies, especially on water, also consider light sources & shadows from the original photo as these sometimes conflict and look incorrect;
  • Whilst editing from scratch to get the look you desire is preferable and rewarding, sometimes you need a little bit of a creative nudge/inspiration. Luminar 4 has you covered with creative ‘Looks’ that can give you a good starting point to achieving the image that you want. Furthermore, additional ‘Looks’ are available to download, covering you for every need.

 See Scott's full review of Luminar 4 here, or find out more about his style click here

Ben Leng:

"Luminar 4 offer a quick, but effective editing tool and is a great package, but the real wonder comes when you click on the 'AI Sky Replacement'"

Before image by Ben Leng

Image after editing with Luminar 4 by Ben Leng

"Overall, a very powerful software editing suite and it gives amazing results with very little effort. You can use it as a stand alone platform to process images right out of the camera, or use it can be used to complement your existing workflow"

Ben Likes:

  • It's pretty straight forward to use, albeit that I have had to adapt and learn a new editing panel and that comes with its own frustrations, but give it a couple of days and it falls into place and seems all too familiar;
  • Because the panel is laid out differently, it can be slightly confusing to find tools as you edit, but a quick Google search will reveal a wealth of information to help you through, including an abundance of YouTube content;
  • Using some kind of sorcery, Luminar 4 will identify and select the sky in an image with remarkable accuracy, allowing quick and easy sky replacements. 

A tip from Ben is "I couldn’t for the life of me find a way to remove chromatic aberration fringing! Turns out it is in the 'Canvas' menu under 'Lens and Geometry' in case you wonder"

While Ben is not a Vanguard Ambassador, he stepped in to help a friend who was (thanks Ben). You can find out more about Ben click here

How to try Luminar 4 for 60-days

To take advantage of the 60-day trial, simply CLICK HERE and complete the information requested.  All you need to enter is your Country, Name and E-mail and follow the instructions.  Once you get to this screen, simply click "Continue Trial" and you can start editing to your heart's content:

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    Rob Scott
    Rob Scott

    February 16, 2021

    Thank you for providing the software for a trail as like any product it is better to try it before you buy.
    Sincere gratitude and many thanks Rob Scott

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