Choose your winner! Photo Competition shortlist

Choose your winner! Photo Competition shortlist

October 18, 2017 , joanne.mitchell

We ran a Wildlife Photographic Competition to celebrate Vanguard attending BirdFair 2017 and the launch of our new VEO 2 Travel Tripods! The prize is an amazing VEO 2 235CB Carbon Fibre travel tripod worth £200.

We had so many entries of an excellent standard that it's taken us this long to draft the final shortlist. Thank you to everyone who submitted entries along with terrific supporting stories.

Please take a look at the final five amazing photographs and email us the title of your favourite. All email votes must be received before 23:59 21st  October 2017 to be considered.


  1. Waxwing by William Richardson


A waxwing which generally a winter visitor to the UK - occasionally they make it down to London where this photo was taken.


2. Misty Morning Take Off by  Sue Hartley

Misty morning take off

This is a photograph I took in Rufford Park in Nottinghamshire one October morning. The early mist had lifted but, on arriving at the lake, we found it still lingering over the water with the rising sun shining through it. Suddenly there was a lot of noise and these two swans were running across the surface taking off. I had seconds to grab the shot, so was really pleased with the result



3.  Stag Party by Mark Henson

Stag Party

One evening I ventured out near sundown to see if I could capture a few pictures of the deer at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire. I was lucky enough to find these few fellas settling down for the evening.  Not only was I able t get close enough without disturbing them but also to be given a perfect composition. The young deer at the front looking straight at me, the others with side profiles and the one on the far left stooping its head which made the shot.


4.  Beardy by Kurt Spindley


The photo is of a Male Bearded Tit taken at RSPB Langford Lowfields.


5.  Avocet by  Dennis Capewell


This photo shows a young Avocet chick tackling a rather large ant for its lunch. Taken in Lesvos May 2017.



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