Celebrate summer with a 15% saving on a selection of Vanguard kit

Celebrate summer with a 15% saving on a selection of Vanguard kit

June 29, 2022 , Vanguard World

As we enter summer, with holidays at home and abroad, we're offering a sunsational 15% saving on a range of our best travel lines with discount code on our website, or at leading dealers:


It's live from 1st July to 30th September, so there's no need to rush. Take your time and pop into your dealer to make sure the product is right for you. 

VEO 3T+ Versatile Travel Tripods

The VEO 3T+ Series delivers the perfect blend of portability and performance. 

Folding to 48cm or less, these travel sized tripods will fit into almost any maximum sized hand luggage, and come with a luxury padded bag to keep them safe as you travel.

When you arrive at your destination, you'll appreciate the stability and versatility that these award winning tripods offer.  With a multi-angle central column that can move 360° in almost any direction and three easy set leg angles, making them perfect for any style of photography, from macro to landscape. 

Attaching the VEO MA1 (included) allows you to use the central column as a multi-mount, attaching the accessory of your choice, from a monitor to a microphone.

As if that wasn't enough, every model is CNC machined and includes a thread to attach a tripod support arm, a leg that converts to a monopod, easy clean leg locks and spiked feet.

CLICK HERE to see the VEO 3T+ Series

VEO 3T Solid Travel Tripod For Photographers & Vloggers

If you don't need the benefit of the multi-angle central column, and want a lighter, more portable travel tripod that doesn't compromise on stability, check out the VEO 3T Series.

This series folds down to as little as 41cm, and weighs as little as 1.5kg, but don't underestimate them because of that.  A new leg lock design ensures that these tripods offer class leading stability, and extend up to 166cm with a maximum load capacity of up to 12kg.

These tripods come with a choice of Arca compatible heads - a ball head that has a removable pan handle for maximum control (see ABP/CBP models) and a 2-way pan head with a quick release plate that allows it to be rotated 90° for portrait shots too (see AP/CP models). 

The ABP/CBP models are designed for photographers who want to get more control in framing their shot with the pan handle, especially when capturing video.  Alternatively, it's ideal for vloggers who want to use their smartphone, with the Arca compatible QS-72T quick release plate that can be used on a camera or smartphone, along with slots for accessories using the cold shoe mount or using a suitable tripod support arm (not provided), and a Bluetooth remote control for IOS and Android.. 

The AP/CP models are perfect for photography, video with a camera, or for using with a spotting scope. They include a pan-handle that is permanently attached so you don't lose it, but folds between the legs to ensure it doesn't get in the way when you're packing it to travel/

In addition, each tripod is CNC machined and includes two 3/8" threads with bayonet slots for suitable tripod support arms so you can attach a host of accessories to maximise your shot, a low angle adaptor, a leg that converts to a monopod, spiked feet and a tripod bag.

CLICK HERE to see the VEO 3T Series.

VEO Accessories

With accessories such as lights, microphones and monitors getting smaller, why not turn your tripod into a studio with VEO Accessories?

If you have a 1/4" or 3/8" thread in your tripod, you can attach a VEO TSA Tripod Support Arm, with or without bayonet fittings.  Even if you don't, you can use a VEO CP Clamp to attach to a leg (or a nearby object) and then attach your tripod support arm.

On the tripod support arm, you can attach an accessory direct, or using a separate VEO accessory.  You can fit a tablet up to 22cm wide using a VEO TC M Tablet Connector to use as a monitor, or a powerbank or smartphone up to 8.6cm wide using a VEO PA-10.

If you accessory needs a cold shoe mount, or to attach more accessories to your camera, just choose the VEO CSM solution that's right for you.

If you want to use a smartphone, then check out a choice of three VEO Smartphone options.

So unleash your creativity and save 15% with VEO Accessories.

CLICK HERE here to see the full range.

VEO Adaptor Camera Bags

Now you have your tripod and all the accessories you need to maximise your shoot, you may need a new bag, and you could do worse than the award winning VEO Adaptor Series.

VEO Adaptors are a stylish and modern range camera bags that come in a choice of black and grey.  The material is hard wearing and weather proof, with a rain cover for wetter days and reflective stitching to help keep you safe at night.

The backpacks come in a choice of styles - rear and top access (see R models), or extra wide left and right handed side access (see S models).  In each version there are two sizes.  This allows you to choose the model that is best for you.

Despite their compact look, all the backpacks can carry a surprising amount of kit, and we've nicknamed the VEO Adaptor R48 the "Tardis" due to the ability to fit a pro DSLR camera and 6-8 lenses (up to 400mm F2.8, 500mm F4 or 150-600mm zoom). All models can carry a tripod with a discreet foot holder that tucks away when not needed, and a wealth of accessories.

Each backpack includes an ergonomic harness system, with a waist belt that tucks away when it's not in use, so it doesn't flap around when not needed.

As a final flourish, each backpack includes a USB interface port that allows you to keep the power bank(s) of your choice safely in the bag, while connecting it to your device, allowing you to stay powered on the go.

CLICK HERE to see the full VEO Adaptor Series

In addition to shopping on our website, you can use this code:


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The discount code is VGD-SUMMER-15 and is valid from 1st July 2022 and 30th September 2022

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The discount code is only applicable in the retailers highlighted in this blog 

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