#BeatTheBoredom Weekly Photo Competition

#BeatTheBoredom Weekly Photo Competition

March 27, 2020 , Vanguard World

With the need to be isolated to protect ourselves and those around us, we've been wracking our brains to think of ways we can help you #BeatTheBoredom and we've decided we're going to run a weekly photo competition until things start returning to normal.

The Competition

Just share a photo that you've taken or worked on during the week and share it with us @VanguardPhotoUK or @VanguardNature with the tag #BeatTheBoredom in the text and a few words about the photo/project.

  • On Facebook just add it as a visitor post;
  • On Twitter tag us @VanguardPhotoUK or @VanguardNature;
  • On Instagram tag us @VanguardPhotoUK or @VanguardNature in the photo;
  • Or e-mail it to marketing@vanguardworld.co.uk.

We will then compile our top 10 every Friday from all the sites and post them on our @VanguardPhotoUK Facebook Page. 

Please then like your favourite photo(s) over the weekend and we will pick the winner and two runners up from the top 5 as voted for by you on the Monday.

The Prizes

As well as the glory of winning and having your photo shared across our social media, we will offer a £100 voucher as first prize and two £25 vouchers as runner up prizes every week. These can be redeemed on our website any time before 31st December 2020. 

The Rules

The aim is to keep this simple and fun, but there are always rules. These may change as we run the promotion.

The Entry:

  • The entry must clearly comply with the government rules on isolation;
  • The entry can be any subject (including photos reworked using software), but it must have been taken/worked on in the 7 days before it is entered;
  • If the entry is of a photo that appears to break government rules, then the text must clearly explain why it is valid entry, or it will be disqualified;
  • If the entry is a previously taken photo that has been reworked by software, then the pre-worked photo must be submitted as well;
  • Open to residents of UK and Ireland only;
  • Maximum 5 entries per week (Saturday to Friday).
Choosing The Winners:
  • Vanguard will select the shortlist every Friday and we reserve the right to increase/decrease the number of entries on the shortlist;
  • The audience of @VanguardPhotoUK will vote on their favourite entries from the shortlist over the weekend;
  • Vanguard will then choose one winner and two runners up and highlight these in the post published on Monday;
  • The first shortlist will be published on Friday 3rd April and the first prizes awarded on Monday 6th April;
  • Vanguard's decision on winning entries is final. 

The Prizes:

  • Prizes will be vouchers with a cash value that can be redeemed on www.vanguardworld.co.uk;
  • Winning prize will be £100 per week while the competition runs;
  • Two runners up prizes will be £25 per week while the competition runs;
  • Prizes must be redeemed by 31st December 2020 or they will be void;
  • Voucher can only be used once. If the price of the product(s) selected is higher than the value of the voucher, the difference will need to be paid.  If the value is less, the difference will be lost;
  • These three entries will be published across all Vanguard UK social media;
  • Winners must have a UK or Ireland delivery address when redeeming the voucher.

Personal Data:

  • By entering you are allowing Vanguard to use the image on their social media, possibly globally;
  • It is not always possible to create a link to your page (especially across different platforms), but you will be named in the text;
  • Vanguard will not retain any personal data, but this may be captured by the various platforms. 

Please note that this competition will run for the duration of the lockdown, but Vanguard can decide to extend/cancel/adapt this competition at our discretion.


Please note that the images below are sized to fit a template and not as the photographer sent them. To see the photograph as the photographer intended, please click on the image and it will take you to the Facebook post.

Week 1:

Week 1 #BeatTheBoredom Competition Winners

  • Joint 1st:  Tom Thorpe - Motorway for the skills used to stitch four pre-lockdown photos into one (£100 voucher)
  • Joint 1st:   Dominic Darvell - 5:50am Walk which we feel is an iconic image of the isolation we’re going through and justified a joint 1st prize (£100 voucher)
  • Runner Up:  Neil Frasier – Oil On Water taken in his kitchen (£25 voucher)

 Week 2:

Week 2 #BeatTheBoredom Competition Winners

  • 1st Place:  Tom Cawdron - Queen Buffed-Tailed Bumblebee taken in Tom's back garden (£100 voucher)
  • Runner Up:  Purple Crocus Photography - Reflections (£25 voucher)
  • Runner Up:  Jon Sinclair - Stuck in New Zealand (£25 voucher)

 Week 3

Week 3 #BeatTheBoredom Competition Winners

  • 1st Place: Linda Marshall - Teaching herself Photoshop (£100 voucher)
  • Runner Up:  Lucy Broad - Social Distancing (£25 voucher)
  • Runner Up:  Ray Tickle - Lightbulb Moment (£25 voucher)

Week 4

  • 1st Place: Matt Savage - High-speed milk droplet photography (£100 voucher)
  • Runner Up:  Kathy White - Old Book of Butterflies (£25 voucher)
  • Runner Up:  Mike Martin - Virtual trip to Norway (£25 voucher)

Week 5

Entries being taken now.  Shortlist will be on our Facebook Page for votes on Friday 1st May.   Winner will be announced on the morning of Monday 4th May.  To be considered for week 5, keep your entries coming in over the weekend.



    martin tierney
    martin tierney

    May 11, 2020

    just entered two black and white photographs taken this week Thursday, May 7th during lock-down

    Vanguard Team
    Vanguard Team

    April 09, 2020

    Hi Brian – you can keep entering. We plan to keep it going throughout the lockdown, but will highlight when it’s closed in the blog. Good luck.

    Brian Egerton
    Brian Egerton

    April 09, 2020

    Can you just keep entering now for April?

    Shona hunter
    Shona hunter

    April 06, 2020

    Looking forward to this competition it is good to have vanguard set this up It will give everyone something to focus on till we can get through this unknown virus

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